SKU level MRP solution is not sufficient to meet the demand from various markets when a specific origin raw material needs to be consumed as per serviced market.

High-level solution:

  • Use MPN (Manufacturer Part Number) to differentiate the RM sources.
  • Consider MPN as an MRP element for better procurement planning.
  • Give visibility to planner based on the MPN instead of SKU

SAP OpenText VIM Implementation


Implement Vendor Invoice Management for Non-PO based invoices.


  • Reduction in manual tasks.
  • Automatic upload of invoices to SAP.
  • Minimise errors/ risks occuring due to manual data entry.
  • Cost savings from workforce reduction will contribute to increased traceability.
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities, and team devoting more time on added value tasks within the Agency.

SAP Rollout for European Plant


Rollout SAP operations to European manufacturing setup.

High-level Solution:

  • Standard SAP setup for finance, procurement, inventory, manufacturing, sales and shipping operations.
  • ~30 RICEFW objects as per business requirements.
  • E-invoice integration.

Bank Payment Integrations with SAP


Bank payment automation with approval workflow.

High level Solution:

  • Implement SAP workflow for payment proposal.
  • Integrate approved payments to bank interface for further processing through a secured channel.
  • Inward integration from bank to capture PSR data.

SAP Handling Unit Implementation


Implement end-to-end handling and tracking of pallets in the production area, warehouse and shipping.

High-level Solution:

  • Implement Standard SAP Handling Unit management solution.
  • Leverage GS1 standards for pallet QR code codification.
  • Develop barcode transactions to scan the pallets in production, warehouse and shipping areas.

SAP Retail Implementation


Integrate POS and e-commerce platforms with SAP

  • to have real-time visibility of stock across channels.
  • to enable accurate MRP run and timely replenishment of stock avoiding stock outs and increased sales.
  • to have better customer experience with omni-channel integration.